About Us

Firstly, lets explain our domain name. We would like to have been called SysPro.com, but that was taken. We therefore selected SysProSoft.com since it reflects what we are about. Software.

SysPro started in the industry 20 years ago to act as an entity to market the services of Alan Cuthbertson as a contractor. It still performs that function, but is now also used to market PC software, especially in the area of large site management.

The company consists of two full time staff Alan and Margaret plus two part time staff, Michael and Tim. Our income comes 90% from consulting services and 10% from software marketing. We would like to grow the marketing side, but it isn’t easy.

As you can see from our software, it is very specialized and so we unlikely to have thousands of clients. We therefore aim to provide quality software to larger organisations

So, please trial our software, but please don’t abuse it. If you find it saves you time and money, please buy a copy!

A bit of background. Alan is a VB programmer with 10 years experience. Prior to that he worked for 10 years in system administration on large mainframes. He started writing using the DOS version of VB and has migrated through the various Windows versions. Most of his code has been based around writing software to assist in managing large networks of workstations. This centers around three main requirements:-

1. Distributing upgrades to machines
2. Running upgrades on machines
3. Monitoring and repairing machines

In addition he has written management software for creating Windows 2000 accounts and the associated shares etc.

Out of this development there arose 3 products which we are now marketing.

We are also available to develop specialized software based on any of the code that we have already developed.

Our Philosophy

We write software for a niche market, namely large corporate networks. As such we recognize that they want quality software which comes with documentation, full Error handling and full support. They also want the ability to tailor the software. While we are willing to write software on a fixed price basis, we do not find it to be as satisfying for us or for the customer. No matter how well you write the Specifications, as development proceeds, things change. Our preferred method is to work with the customer to develop their requirements and charge an hourly rate so that the customer clearly appreciates that as they require additional work they pay more.

However, we are realistic. We can work with the customer to come up with some compromise agreement. If not Fixed price, perhaps a capped price, or a sliding scale of fees.

Our hourly rates depend on the work being done and the amount of work done. We aim to recover approximately US$70 an hour for our services. For small projects that have high upfront marketing costs we charge more. For development of software that may be marketable to others, we charge less.

Most of our work is specific to the client, not targeted to the general populace. However we do have three products that we have developed that are sufficiently generic that they can be run by any Windows 2000 domain. These are:-

PolMan – to Manage Group Polices on a large domain
ADM Template Editor – To edit ADM templates for a windows 2000 Domain
ScanMan – To scan all machines on a domain and retrieve file and registry settings

Our Strengths and Weaknesses

Our strength is in the area of “standard” VB code. We write executables that run on the workstations and we provide a standardized user friendly interface. Most of our work has been for single user system, rather than multi users. (i.e. while more than one person can run the program at a time, they do not interact with each other) Most programs have been for managing workstations so we have a lot of experience in accessing machines remotely, using complex logic to determine whether something is wrong and how to install software

Our weaknesses are that we have not got a lot of experience in Databases or Web programs

Databases have not been a major requirement because most of our programs are standalone, single user systems. While we have used simple databases to store and retrieve data, we are not big in this area. However, if your requirement includes a database need, we will build on our own knowledge to achieve it.

We have written little in the area of Web enabled software. All of our software has been written for corporate networks. There has been no requirement for people external to the site to run the software and so Web enablement had not been a requirement. In addition, our experience with browser based applications is that they are not as reliable as traditional programs.

We do recognize that Internet software has a place and this Website is a classic example. If you like our site and would like us to create your Web presence, feel free to contact us.
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