Earn Commission

We think that the only thing stopping everyone buying our software is that they haven't heard about it. In fact we estimate that if we sold our software to 1% of the companies in America, we would earn $1 million. So we would like you to help us tell everyone about us. In return, we will give you 15% commission on sales.

At the moment, most of our contacts come from Google Adds. What we would like is to get links placed on other sites directing potential customers our way. And to encourage you, we will pay 15% commission for anyone that you direct to us who then buys our software.

How does it work? Normally you would place a link on your site directing people to one of our pages, say http://www.sysprosoft.com/pol_summary.shtml. Instead we assign you a name, say supersalesman. You then use a different link, namely http://www.sysprosoft.com/index.php?ref=supersalesman&f=pol_summary.shtml.

When a potential customer clicks on the link our routine 'index.php' is called and does three things:-
- logs the fact that you referred someone to us
- Places a cookie on their machine containing the information 'supersalesman'
- Displays the page 'pol_summary.shtml'

More importantly, if they later buy our product, we check the cookie and identify that you were the person that introduced them. We then pay you 15% commission on the sale!

Will you get rich? Probably not. Our experience is that around 1% of people visiting our site actually buy our software. You would have to have a lot of redirections to retire! But still, if you like our software, you probably don't mind telling others anyway.

A few details:-
- If you want to get your own unique identifier, email us at advertising@sysprosoft.com
- If you don't really want the money, we'll donate it to a charity or your choice. Some charities that we like are World Wildlife Fund, Red Cross or the Scout Association.
- Any sales you make will be reported to you within 7 days. Payments will be made 6 months later or when you reach $100 in commission, whichever comes first.
- Can we guarantee it will work? Provided the same person uses the same machine, the cookie should be detected... unless of course they turned off cookies.
- Can you trust us? Of course! Firstly because we are nice people and secondly we want to encourage you. The more commission you make, the more you will recommend us and the more sales we will make.
- Our only restriction is that we hate SPAM. If anyone reports that you SPAMMED them on our behalf we will give you a warning. If a second person complains, even if from the same mail out, all future commissions will be redirected to charity.

Note: We do not sign any contracts with you. We trust you and you need to trust us. We will always pay any commissions, otherwise you will stop advertising for us!

If you have any questions, email us at advertising@sysprosoft.com
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