Group Policy Analysis report

This is a service provided by SysPro that allows you to use a feature of PolMan to collect data regarding the status of policies on your domain. You can Email this to SysPro and we will provide a report on the status of your Group Policies. This report will be prepared using PolMan and helps illustrate the power of the product.

The report will cover the following topics:-

- Unused Policies
- Use of Policy Types
- OU to GPO Links
- Use of Blocking and No Override
- Security Groups Used in Policy Filtering
- Use of Loop Back Processing
- Policy Replication
- Policy Applied to Workstations
- ADM Template Usage
- ADM Template Design

If you wish you can download a copy of the report template to better understand what you will learn about your policies. Sample Analysis report

The steps involved are:-
- Download and install a copy of PolMan.
- Run PolMan, ignoring the warning messages about licencing etc.
- From the main screen, select File/Collect data
- On the Collect data for Offline analysis screen, enter a directory name and click Continue
- When collection is finished, place the results directory ina ZIP file. Mail it to
- We will review the data briefly and email you an invoice for the analysis. For most sites this will be US$100
- On payment we will do the analysis and email it to you.

Money back guarantee. We are confident that you will be very happy with what you learn from the report. If within 14 days you tell us the report is of no value to you we will refund your payment. We ask only that you destroy all copies of the report where this is feasible to do so.

Discount. The main reason for performing this analysis is to show you the power of PolMan. If you later purchase PolMan we will refund 50% of the cost of analysis.

If you have any questions, email us at
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