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PolMan fills in the gaps left by Microsoft. While Microsoft provides a MSC to assist in creating and changing policies, it provides minimal facilities for reporting on policies, tracking changes to policies, checking integrity of policies or monitoring implementation on workstations.

PolMan allows you to do all of these things.. and more

From a management perspective, obtaining accurate documentation on policies is time consuming and error prone.

Comparing existing policies with policy settings from a week ago is impossible.

PolMan solves these problems for you and provides you with a health check of your policies, a health check of your domain propagation, a health check of the applied policies on your workstations and a health check of your ADM Templates.

PolMan also contains the ADM Template Editor. Now you can control any Value in the Machine or User registry with total safety.

PolMan is essential if you wish to fully exploit and mangage Group Policies.

PolMan is delivered in MSI format and requires Windows 2000 or later.

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Read our Help File... you will learn all you need to know about Policies!

V4 provides ADMX & Preference support

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Sample ADM to ADMX conversion. Click here to see a sample conversion of Office 2003 ADM files.

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