This is our main product. It is intended for support staff who use Group Polices on their domain and want an easy method to report, audit and interrogate these policies. It also contains a powerful ADM Template editor. Our most recent version supports Preferences and the editing of ADMX files

ADM Template Editor

This is a component of PolMan that can be purchased separately. Not only does it allow you to create and modify templates easily, it also allows you to reorganize and merge templates and add useful comments for documentation purposes. An Audit facility allows easy detection of duplicate entries etc. Our most recent version supports the editing of ADMX files

Policy Reporter

This software is FREE. It reformats the log provided in %systemRoot%\Debug\UserMode to give a more meaningful display and allow you to drill down to the area you want. Policy Reporter makes it much easier to understand how Microsoft implements Policy Processing. Our most recent version supports logs generated by Preferences processing.

Note: You must activate Verbose logging to get detailed information. Policy Reporter assists in doing this.
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